Classes & Tickets


A medium to fast paced flow yoga class in which we find the connection between breath and movement. Suitable for all levels.


A class in which we hold the asana's (postures) for several minutes. It is a perfect way to relax and move inwards. We train your flexibility and concentration. This class is suitable for all levels.


Hatha yoga class includes the following elements: Yin & Yang, strength & flexibility, effort and relaxation that go hand in hand with breathing (pranayama). By controlling your breath and using it correctly you will discover the role of activating your breath in the relaxation of your body. The class is suitable for all levels. 

Slow Flow

This is a flow class with a slower pace. It is the perfect mix between strength and slowing down. Suitable for all levels and pregnant women.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra"sleep of the yogi". In this meditation class we will move into the space between being awake and sleeping. It is super relaxing and helps you process the daily mass of stimuli.


At The Yoga Church we teach Ground Control Pilates. It is a safe way of developing your stability, control and consciousness of your own body and how you move.

Back & Shoulder Yoga

The Yoga Church and Fysiotherapie Medisch Centrum Randwijck have bundled their expertise and experience and created a special class for people with lower/middle back and shoulder issues. This class is a combination of yoga and gentle Pilates exercises aimed at reducing and/or preventing spine- and shoulder issues.​

Expat Prenatal

Prenatal course for expats. This course consists of 9 classes: 8 regular and 1 after the group has given birth. Muriel has a degree in Hatha yoga and a specialisation in prenatal yoga. From her own experience she understands being pregnant as an expat in The Netherlands. The class is in English, but Muriel is also fluent in Italian, Spanish and French and is happy to support in these languages.

Personal training

Private class, completely tailored to your specific wishes and learning points. Can be done with 1 or 2 persons. For more information or an appointment send an e-mail to


6 months: 348€


12 months

When paid at once: 650€


Paid monthly: 58€ (2 months notice)


Valid for all classes ex child & prenatal

non-refundable when paid at once


2 Introduction classes: 20€

Valid for 2 weeks, new customers, exc. prenatal 

Single class: 20€

10-Class Pass: 160€

Valid for 4 months

Personal training

60€/hour | 10 hours: 500€

100€/hour 2 persons


Expat prenatal classes can be taken with regular tickets and memberships

For Dutch pregnancy classes do not buy a ticket here. Contact Indra at 06-30027339