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Covid update press conference 3 November 2020

Dear yogi’s,


On 3 November the Dutch government announced new lockdown measures. Although sports- and fitness schools are allowed to open, group classes are prohibited for (at least) the coming 2 weeks. Effectively this means that we will have to stop the live classes for now. Like during the last lockdown we will continue with some of the classes online. For the schedule and registration please check this link: https://www.theyogachurch.nl/nltest. You can book any class that is normally also available with your 10 class pass or membership. In addition to that the validity of your 10-class pass will be extended with the duration of this lockdown. With the heartfelt wish that we can meet for live classes within two weeks, yet with the happy thought that I will meet many of you online I send you my warmest regards.


May you be safe, happy and healthy!

Additional Covid rules: face masks until on the mat

Dear yogi's, 

please wear a face mask when moving around the church. Once on your mat at a safe 1,5 m distance you can safely take the mask off. We are grateful for your co-operation. 

New: Back & Shoulder yoga on Thursday evening

Due to the enormous popularity of the Back & Shoulder class on Friday starting 1 October there is an extra Back & Shoulder class on every Thursday 19:00 - 20:00. For an explanation of this class please go here. Hope to see you soon! 

Our general Covid rules

The Covid rules are still in place, and I am happy and grateful to see that we all co-operate so well on making them work and that it is possible to share beautiful yoga classes within these rules. A big thank you to all of you! To make sure that we take good care of ourselves and each other and enjoy our yoga in a peaceful way, the The Yoga Church has, in addition to the standard RIVM rules, the following Covid-19 protocol*:

Before class

  • If you are having symptoms of a cold or feel ill, stay at home.

  • Wear a mask until you are on your mat 

  • If someone within your household is having symptoms of a cold or is feeling ill, stay at home.

  • Please make sure you have a reservation before the class starts.

  • Classes are planned in such way that incoming and outgoing groups do not run into each other and that there is sufficient time to thoroughly clean after class. If you are more than 10 minutes early please wait outside the church.

  • Make sure that you are dressed in your yoga clothes before you come to class. Changing at the Yoga Church is temporarily not possible.

  • Bring your own mat and towel. The Yoga Church will provide blocks. For hygienic reasons, bolsters will temporarily not be provided.

  • Upon entering the Yoga Church, disinfect your hands. The Yoga Church provides hand gel.

During class

  • Place your mat within the lines indicated on the floor.

  • Keep 1,5 meters distance from other students and teachers.

  • No manual corrections on asana’s

  • During the opening hours of The Yoga Church the air will be disinfected with an ionic air cleaning installation.

  • Classes have a maximum of 4 students.

After class

  • Wash or disinfect your hands

  • Contact surfaces (floor, door handles, blocks etc.) will be disinfected with 70% alcohol after each class.

  • After class the studio will be aired by opening up the door as well as the use of an ionic air cleaning installation.

  • At home, disinfect your mat thoroughly

  • Wash your towel at 60 degrees

For parent-child yoga we follow the RIVM rules for children.


I am absolutely confident that we can make this work, enjoy our yoga and have fun together and I truly hope to welcome you soon at The Yoga Church.

Warm regards,


*his protocol is a concrete elaboration of, or in addition to the RIVM rules based on several protocols for indoor sports (NL Actief, Platform Ondernemende Sportaanbieders aligned with the Ministerie Economische Zaken & Klimaat as well as with NOC*NSF and Protocol Vereniging Yogascholen).



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